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in Security - 22 Oct, 2013
by b4bahrain - one comment
We’re using Managed Servers to provide you superior web hosting in Bahrain

Our this post gonna light up on the difference between managed server hosting companies & unmanaged hosting servers companies.

Why B4Bahrain using Managed Servers?

We choosed the managed server from one of the top American Data Center. They’re monitoring our server 24×7 by perfectly capable team of professionals, instead of hiring some expert to manage it, We are paying more for our servers to be fully secuire & managed by those who already expert in managing thousands of servers. By this extra ordinary support & service we keep our clients website performing at it’s best at all times.

Lets go to the more depth of Managed servers hosting:-


In the Data Center our server got treated by latest tools to filter spam, scan viruses, running the security audits, keeping os up to date & maintaining Strong firewalls.

Monitoring the servers:-

This constant process of scanning the server for any problem or irregulateries. System admins will make sure the network stability by constant monitoring.


Every customer we got have different needs, So upon your request server admin can customize & come with the best solution that best meets the customer needs.

Save our time:-

The day is too short. We use our time to support our customers & providing dedicated support.


We’re entilled to provide you the best reliable service in Gulf region. Worries about uptime can slow your business you’ll loose important Emails. By our reliable hosting we’re offering 99.99% uptime with anytime money back gurantee!


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